Across the political spectrum, the elite from both parties have been exercising a treacherous plan to Balkanize the U.S. for the benefit of their everlasting power, and the resulting bloody race wars, disease vectors, and class riots* seemed certain.

Until the election of Donald Trump as president.

Now with open-borders and no-qualifications amnesty Democrats have seized the reins of power, all bets are off. Illegal aliens will flood into our country with little to no screening, each of them to be subsidized with tens of thousands of dollars of hand-outs. Illegal alien criminals already among us will be allowed to stay. Soon the U.S. Border Patrol will be overwhelmed, and any remaining interior enforcement will disappear.

Here’s what we have to do to restore America:

  • Secure our borders, which means upholding our existing laws.
  • Mandate the use of E-Verify nationwide.
  • Crack down on employers who hire illegal aliens.
  • Find illegal aliens wherever they are, seize their assets — which are the proceeds from a criminal enterprise — and return each of them to his country of origin.
  • Deny bail to any illegal alien accused of a crime.
  • In the case of the many illegals who are in jail or prison due to other crimes committed in the United States, calculate the amount spent to arrest, jail, try, and incarcerate them, and deduct that amount from the foreign aid given to their country of origin.
  • Cut off funding to any sanctuary city, and prosecute them to get them to comply with the law.
  • Cut off federal loans to states that give in-state tuition to illegals.
  • Prosecute any state that issues licenses or other forms of ID to illegal aliens.
  • Tax remittances.
  • Start interpreting the 14th Amendment as it was intended, eliminating the concept and practice of anchor babies.
  • Revise the immigration laws along the lines of those laws prior to 1965.
  • Make English the official language of the United States.

This won’t undo all the damage illegal aliens have wreaked on this country, but it will give the U.S. and western civilization a chance at survival.

Greg Raven

*You can glimpse what our elite have in store for us by looking at our fast-crumbling infrastructure. Our roads, jails, power grids, water systems, sewage systems, schools, welfare systems, and everything else are daily pounded by the presence of millions of illegal aliens. At the rate we have been going, things will get much worse before they get any better, even with President Trump bucking the trend.

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